18 novembro, 2008

Réquiem For A Dream

Some in the end of a life, some in the end of a lifetime, some simply in the end.
The decay of people, the dirt night followed by a street jazz, the jizz up all over in the young girl’s ass.
The curtains follow the tension of the song, dancing the filthy dance of the dirtiest sort of animal in the old hotel room, while some say “today, is the doom”. The whole neighborhood is there watching, as the two girls make a hell of a fuck. Meanwhile in some other side of the town the old lady goes crazy as she’s taken care in some mid class hospital. Her young boy lying in a bed, his arm’s no use, wich makes him feel sad, due to heroin abuse; “...will I ever again be able to get myself a handjob?”

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

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